Super Bowl Commercials

In many ways, you come for the Super Bowl but remain for the commercials (and the 7 layer bean dip). They turn a football game into a four-hour experience which is so massive, it exclusively takes place once a year (not counting the Westminister Kinnel Club Dog Show, however).

Here is a glint at our top five Super Bowl commercials of all time, as well as the role they’ve played in not merely keeping us interested during game gaps, but leaving behind an enduring effect on our lifestyle.

5) Dave and Oprah Share The Limelight (Super Bowl Commercial)

This probably might have been the most expensive commercial of all-time, if it weren’t for this advertisement, which added an extra log to the fire (the fire of love that is…) Who would not like to see two larger than life people interacting with one another? Even though it gets a bit old after some time, and Dave’s acting is a little bit much, it is nevertheless fun to see that amazing celebrities can have a little fun with each other, all while the executives fit the over three million dollar costs (and that is only to air it).

4) Cindy Crawford 1992 Pepsi Commercial (Super Bowl Commercial)

Should you be born just after 1990, chances are, you regrettably have no clue who Cindy Crawford happens to be. Let’s put it this way, she was among the very last super models that absolutely was a fashion model (valedictorian of her high school class) not just some personality who appeared on a publication cover or advertisement because they were rich and/or had their very own reality TV show. This 1992 Super Bowl commercial shows you everything you should find out about her and there is a joke about Pepsi in there as well.

3) Google Announces They’ll Take Over Your Life From Here On Out (Super Bowl Commercial)

This commercial speaks in many ways. Well, from a technical perspective, it does not suggest anything at all, but that’s exactly the point. This Google commercial, which aired in last year’s 2010 Super Bowl, demonstrates the power of using Google to your advantage, and exactly how much of a core technological innovation and the internet have been in assisting us with our lives. Not that this is something a lot of people did not know already, but nevertheless, it truly is fascinating how this advertisement points it out, albeit if it isn’t a little scary how much Google has taken over.

2) Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Kick the Extra Point (Super Bowl Commercial)

Perhaps the funniest Super Bowl advertisement ever, this commercial says everything you need to know. Yea, that was easy enough.

1) The Force is With Darth Vader (Super Bowl Commercial)

The top Super Bowl commercial of all time, technically is not a Super bowl advertisement right until a few hours now. This commercial shows us that the most significant thing will always be imagination, be it with our most loved figures or vehicle which gets us from a to b.

What’s is your list of the top Super Bowl ads ever?


How Can Canadians Watch Super Bowl Commercials Aired In The US of A

Alot Of the Super Bowl commercials are not aired in Canada.

New Orleans Brings Super Bowl To CanadaTelevision advertisements during the Super Bowl football game get a lot of hype, but we often don’t see the same Super Bowl ads in Canada as in the US.

On a yearly basis the Super Bowl is watched by Canada with the TV viewership being purchased by Canadian TV Stations but with this they are able to sell the advertising rights to Canada businesses getting rid of all of the funny American commercials we know during the Super Bowl Game.

Broadcasting the Super Bowl does not give the US Stations the automatic right to the commercials aired during the football game to Canada. This allows for the signal to Canada to be switched from the US commercials to Canadian advertisers commercials

Substitution of the Signal

Signal swapping takes place when the US feed is fed to Canadian stations and the replace it with thier own commericals

The stream of TV is swapped by the Canadian TV Station for Canadian commercials as opposed to the US TV Station commercials being aired. Sometimes, a Canadian signal from outside your area is replaced with a local signal.

Why would you do this?

When broadcasters buy programs from American or Canadian producers or networks, they pay substantial sums of money to have exclusive rights in their home markets. The simultaneous substitution requirements are designed to protect those rights.

The local feeds will more than likely sell to the local Canada market for advertising for the Super Bowl. Thier is an occasional time when advertisers will purchase the slots with these Canada Broadcasters. Many US businesses choose not to advertise with the Canadian market for many reasons. For example, the American products advertised may not be available in Canada shown on the Super Bowl Canada feed.